Our Mission

Mission Statement:

SNDA is a national dental student organization focused on  aiding in the advancement of minority students in dentistry.  The Organization is committed to providing oral hygiene education via outreach efforts, as well as improving access to care and the delivery of dental  services to all people, emphasizing minorities and the underserved. 

Objective of Haiti Outreach:

Child in HaitiIn 2010 a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake affected Haiti leaving up to 316,000 people dead and 1.6 million homeless. To this day massive homelessness and displacement continues and does not appear to have significantly abated.   Chronic shortage of health care personnel, and lack resources became readily apparent after the earthquake.   Emphasized in October 2010 when a cholera epidemic was identified.
SNDA is organizing a health care dental outreach to Haiti achieve a brighter future.   SNDA hopes to address both short term by helping people with dental needs and long term solutions to Haiti problems by educating Haitians with Oral Hygiene Instructions.  The outreach is designed with the ultimate goal of sustainability without further outside assistance by providing assistance through education and sustainable projects.

Goals of Haiti Outreach:

Ile La VacheLocation of Outreach:

Ile à Vache, Haiti
Ile à Vache is a small island of about 20 square miles located on the southwest coast of Haiti.   The closest city on the mainland is Les Cays, situated at about 6.5 miles from the island and approximately one hour by powerboat.
The island has no electrical power and no drinking water.  The island suffers immensely from deforestation due to increasing agriculture activity and the cutting down of trees for fuel purposes.
Creole and French.
Approximately 16,000
Standard of Living:     
80% of the population lives in absolute poverty. The economic activity
is one of basic survival consisting of fishing, corn cultivation and selling of fruits and coal.
Basic Diet:                  
rice, corn, millet, wheat, beans, manioc, sweet potatoes, tubers, 
striped Tunny (a fish), kasava and plantains.